Kitten season is well and truly upon us and shelters are being flooded with abandoned and unwanted kittens. This means that shelters will be desperate for foster carers to give these kittens a temporary home. This gives them a chance to put on weight and learn to love humans. Fostering is easy and only requires a short term commitment, which means it is perfect for those who love to travel or live busy lives. If you are interested in foster caring please contact your local shelter. We foster care for Cat Haven WA.

  1. You will never stop being amazed at just how tiny 3-4 week old kittens are. They should really still be with mum at this age but so many kittens are abandoned this young and without their mum.Β 

  2. You get something cute to dress up during the holidays (and they get the love they deserve)

  3. There is always someone ready to help you with your work or study.

  4. You can finally perfect your purrito making skills.

  5. You don’t need much room to foster….just a box to store them in! (not really…but you only need a spare room in your house and a bit of love!)

  6. You get to teach them they never have to worry about being hungry again!

  7. You will get good practice taking family photos.

  8. Forget TV and the internet….kittens will provide you endless entertainment and your very own ‘cute cat videos’.Β Β 

  9. Don’t worry even though they are bundles of energy you will get time to sleep as well! (maybe…)

  10. But most of all you get to save the lives of adorable little kittens and get them ready to find their forever homes.